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Garcia Trail – Azusa, CA – Azusa Peak 866 vertical feet per mile…

…I was finally able to get out on a hike this weekend.  Decided to give another local hike a try and it was intense.  The overall mileage was low but the intensity was full force.  You know when you first thought is “what have I gotten myself into”,  it is going to be an intensive hike, and this one kept the pressure on the whole way up.  I will be back to this trail on occassion.  While I apprecate the intensity it is heavily populated which can be challenging on relatively narrow trails.  However, the cardio benefits and the visual sites of San Gabriel make it all worth it in the end.

Garcia Trail 3-23-2013
Quoted from Dan’s Hiking pages – Simpsoncity. com, “Garcia Trail is steep, climbing some 866 vertical feet per mile. But thetrail is well traveled and makes a nice workout hike (popular with students and staff from nearby Azusa Pacific University). A typical trail in the San Gabriels gains 400 to 600 vertical feet per mile, so Garcia Trail not only gives the legs and lungs a workout, but it also provides a reference mark in evaluating other trails.”




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