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Bend at the knees….

If you know of Maury Povich, you’ll agree he says it best…




Solitude…(My home gym)

No wading through a crowded gym, no waiting for equipment, no posers, no gossip corner, no social hours… just peacful solitude and focused comittment.  My home gym…homegym2


This guy is funny…


Gym Spotters?

I attend Gold’s Gym in West Covina, CA.  Interestingly, the weight benches do not have spotter bars or any type of spotting assistance.  I thought this was odd and it actually prevents you from working your hardest, which is typically lifting to failure.  Do that at my gym and your squirming out from under a heavily plated bar; not fun!  Been there, done that!

Along with a cardio routine I have re-implemented weights back into my fitness regime.  Lifting iron was my #1 priority in the past – however, when your carrying extra body weight, that just makes you look bigger, or should I say, “Swollen all around”.  Along with my initial weight loss, I lost muscle by not maintaining my cardio workouts with lifting iron.  I went from a moderate 325 bench to having some trouble with 135 lbs and just now getting back to sets with 205 lbs; rebuilding the muscle slowly but surely.  Now, I try to keep a balance of cardio and weight training; I still find at times with my structure that cardio simply has to be a priority.  My current objective is working to drop another 30 lbs of fat weight and at the same time picking up 5-10 lbs of lean muscle.